Think carefully about your friends.

This week I wanted to expand on last week’s blog about identity. In particular, I want to invite you to think about the people that you surround yourself with.

Motivational speaker Jim Rohn famously said that we are the average of the five people we spend the most time with.

Bottom Line Up Front

Keep the company of those that support your direction and mission.

When it comes to our own personalities, we are greatly influenced by those closest to us. The relationships that we have affect our way of thinking, our self-esteem, and our decisions. Ultimately, the people we surround ourselves with shape us as individuals.

Why does this matter?

Hanging with the wrong crowd can bring your future aspirations unstuck. In fact, in my opinion it’s better to be a loner than in a crowd that shapes your personality in the wrong direction.

It’s time to take stock

Think about your five closest friends. Where do you sit in among them? The smartest? The most sensible? Or, could you do with the influence of someone smarter, someone who challenges you, is more driven than you, perhaps more measured or emotionally intelligent?

Your friendships need updating from time to time, for your own personal growth and perhaps to help you maintain the direction that you want in your life. Your friends should bring out the best in you. You should never be afraid to cut people away that are a bad influence or don’t support the mission that you have given yourself.

Coaches and mentors

It should come as no surprise to you that I believe that coaches need coaches and mentors need mentors. Experts in any given field should always be trying to seek out other experts. If your friend base is solid, and they bring out your best, then it’s time to also consider hiring a coach or mentor to take your skills, knowledge or attributes to the next level.

My advice to you

The following are some “friend” suggestions to keep you on track

  1. Take stock of your current close friends
  2. Cut away anyone who is a bad influence or brings out destructive behaviour in you
  3. Seek friends who challenge you or that inspire you
  4. Create meaningful relationships that bring out your best
  5. Consider hiring a coach and/or a mentor to reach a higher level of potential

You're the mission.

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