The Inaugural WarriorU Live Podcast

The first-ever WarriorU live Podcast event was successfully held at the Sir Stamford, Sydney, on Friday the 6th of December, and what an incredible night it was.

Bram Connolly DSM delivered a keynote address “How to Build Resilient Teams”, followed in quick succession by ex-SASR Operator and professional Cyclist Andrew Williams with his enlightening talk “How to Truly Define your Purpose.”

As if that wasn’t enough, the lads were joined by Reece Dewar OAM, Andrew Taylor from Aussie Strength and retired Navy Seal Commander Chandler Comerford to unpack the topics of Leadership, Mental Toughness and Human Optimisation.

We also had some kick-ass prizes up for grabs, including:

The lucky winners on the night were Daniel O’Halloran, who took home the impressive HR Half Rack, McQuilty Quirke, who now has his caffeine hits sorted, and Phil Hayes St Clair, who can immerse himself in the action-packed world of Matt Rix over the festive season.

Stay tuned for the release of the 2020 Live podcast dates being planned for Brisbane and Sydney.

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