The ADF Recruitment Process: A Guide

The ADF recruitment process is specifically designed to make sure you have the qualities needed by the ADF and, at the same time, also helping you realise what role is most suitable for you in the Army, Navy or Air Force.

In this article, we outline the basics of the ADF recruiting process.

Having Objectives

Being recruited by the ADF is not like any other recruitment. You’re not signing up for a 9 to 5 job. It’s important that you fully realise what decision you’re about to make. It helps to have done thorough research about what your ultimate objective is, how you’re going to be able to achieve it, and what requirements you’ll have to fulfil to get there. The ADF is a lifestyle and career, and it’s important that you understand that.

Contacting Recruitment 

This is the first step you’ll have to take as part of being recruited. Many people initially contact recruitment just to ask what the dress code is for the YOU Session (we’ll expand on that later) – only to be told that there’s no specific dress code to follow.

Next step: apply online, fill out your application details, personal details and job interests and start your application process.

Filing Paperwork 

Paperwork is a daunting yet integral part of the process. After you are done with the online part of the application and have booked your YOU session, you will get an email and text that consist of the documents you will need as part of your application – the underage consent form (which is if you’re under 18), the medical history questionnaire, the national police checking form and the application form. You must print out all these documents and fill them one by one.

They’re all simple to fill out – so don’t stress yourself because it might seem like a lot to do. You’ll also need to keep handy your birth certificate, passport, and your driver’s license. To keep everything safe from being lost, keep it all in a display book to make it simple for you to be registered on the system.

The YOU session

This is a crucial part of the recruitment process and will require you to prepare beforehand. To pass the aptitude test, you’ll have to solve your way through a series of mathematical and logical questions. There will be multiple-choice questions and questions that check your basic mathematical knowledge.

You can always buy a prep book that contains questions from past tests and will help you prepare for the topics that are likely to appear on your test. Prepare thoroughly beforehand to ace this part of the application, and significantly increase your chances of getting recruited.

Physical Fitness

Physical fitness is one of the most important aspects of getting recruited. If you’re going for a physically demanding role, you will have to spend some time strengthening your body and also engage in athletics for a few months before the test, to pass the fitness standards.

Make sure you work out at least five times a week and pair all this up with a healthy and nutritious diet, to get your body and physical strength to fulfil the requirements set by ADF. The WarriorU program has a fitness component that is designed specifically for the ADF and will help you get ADF ready with known training techniques.

Assessment Day Medical And Psych Testing

This is another crucial aspect of the recruitment process and requires you to be tested for any diseases as well as have your eyes checked. Your height and BMI will be recorded, and your blood will be taken to look for any Hepatitis B & C, AIDS etc.

You will be asked to conduct a vision test, and then you will be taken to another room where your hearing test will be conducted. You’ll sit in a soundproof booth and wear special headphones. Every time you hear a beey you will be required to press the red button to register. After this test is done, you’ll be made to urinate in a cup to have yourself drug tested.

Finally, a doctor will arrive to complete your medical test. You will be taken to a room with the doctor where you will be asked to take off your clothes, and at this point, you’ll be given a full-body check.

After the full-body check is done with, you will be asked by the doctor to duck back to the end of the room as well as to demonstrate a pushup. After this, your medical checkup with the doctor is done. 

The doctor will share their analysis with you and tell you whether they think you are fit enough to meet the requirements. They’ll also advise you about the physical challenges you will face as part of ADF, and recommend whether you should apply or not.

You will then fill a form for your psych test that will comprise questions about your personal life. There will be questions about your family life, about any addictions that you’ve have had in the past, any traumatic experience you’ve been through in the past and if you’ve been depressed or suicidal before. The subsequent psych interview will be about family life, education, other personal information about your life. This interview will also test your approach to hypothetical war zone situations.

Defence Interview

After you’re done with the physical and psychological tests, the last part will be the defence interview.

For the defence interview, you will be questioned by a serving defence member about the basic training, and what you learn during that process. You will also be asked about your motivations to do the role that you have applied form. Make sure you are fully researched and prepared to do well in this part.

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