Situational Awareness

The Key Take Away

Having good situational awareness is a necessity to being a high performer. Possessing physical, emotional and social situational awareness allows the individual to better predict outcomes. If the average person develops this skill to a high standard it can be a force multiplier, increasing their achievements exponentially.

What is Personal Situational Awareness?

A person is situationally aware when they are in tune with the environment around them and the behaviours of people or things interacting within that environment. To be situationally aware a person must first be aware that there are cues and then be able to observe and interpret these cues. If a person is able to understand the meaning of the cues then they are in a better position to make a prediction of the future.

The “Cues”

This is the foundation of which situational awareness is based. The following cues come together to provide a holistic picture of the environment.

  1. Topographical information, or streetscape, or room layout etc.
  2. Position of objects, dead spaces, heights and depths, hidden areas.
  3. Climatic effects associated with the environment.
  4. Movement of objects and their speed in relation to other objects.
  5. The behavioural actions of individuals or groups.
  6. Equipment and operating systems and the stimulus they represent (radios, dashboards, information).

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