S7 Ep11: Mindfulness at work

Mamta Saha

This week on The WarriorU Podcast, Trent and Bram are joined by leading Psychologist and Executive Coach, Mamta Saha, to talk about how Eastern wisdom and Western psychology techniques, including mindfulness, can be used to create a well-rounded and resilient leader. By the end of the episode, you will be equipped with life-enhancing practices and tools that will enable you to unlock your greatest potential and create a greater sense of inner peace.

A Glimpse of the Guest

Name: Mamta Saha

What he does: Mamta has a wealth of education, knowledge and experience under her belt, with a background in Human and Media Psychology, and Behavioural Development. Having been brought up by her grandmother, who practised meditation twice a day for over two decades, Mamta’s spirituality and awareness were founded at a young age. Since then, her bold and practical insights on psychology, lifestyle and wellbeing have been recognised by global publications, including The Guardian, Vogue Arabia, BBC London and Gulf News. Mamta’s unique approach of blending Eastern wisdom with Western psychology to create life-changing practices for her executive clients makes her a champion at her craft. She encourages all individuals to be fearless, authentic and anchored, living by the motto: ‘Know your mind, love your body, trust your heart, breathe it all in, and live your authentic truth.’

Mamta online:

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The book that changed Mamta’s life: Creative Visualisation

Food for Thought:

[41:03] “Material things, and other people’s opinions, judgements and perspectives, and what life will throw at us, that’s inevitable. But does that really mean anything in the grand scheme of things, if it’s taking away from our piece of mind?”

Top Tips from this episode

Mamta’s definition of mindfulness [4:19] “My definition of mindfulness is when we are consciously aware of what is happening within us and our thoughts and our feelings and around us, without facing judgement on all of those things.”

Unpacking the power of mindfulness: For Mamta, mindfulness is a superpower that supercharges your resilience, prevents burnout and helps leaders to make better decisions. Far from squashing your internal narrative, Mamta says mindfulness is about noticing your internal voice, and being in the present moment without filters or judgements. “The more mindful we become, the more aware we become, and the smarter and more astute our choices as leaders will be.”

How to embrace a positive mindset (always): Challenges are inevitable, but Mamta believes you always have the choice to adopt a positive perspective and to learn from every problem. Far from dismissing a painful event or mistake, it’s about acknowledging what has happened and finding the opportunities in adversity. “We have to process our emotions because they are real and they are valid. But then it’s about very quickly pivoting into: ok, what can I get from this? What can I learn from this? How is this serving me and everybody else?”

Being authentic at work: At [17:47], Mamta talks about ‘spill over’ of your personal life into the professional sphere (and vice-versa), and whether it’s appropriate – or even possible – to be your ‘authentic self’ at work. Being authentic is crucial to developing trust with your colleagues, says Mamta, and it begins with being “…comfortable and courageous enough to be vulnerable.” First, check in with how you’re feeling and what you’re thinking, and why. Then, choose how you want to show up to work. If you can’t show up in the way you would like to, own your state and share those reasons with your workplace. “My view is that authenticity is being at your best. It’s you not having to try and be something that you’re not to fit into a space that is not aligned with who you are. It’s about having confidence in who you are, so the place that you’re in adjusts to who you are.”

Episode Highlights

  • Manta’s grandmother and her spiritual education: At [8:17], Mamta talks about being raised by her lively, fearless and wise grandmother, and the spiritual and emotional education she provided her. Mamta tells her grandmother’s tale of resilience as a young woman who was forced to leave her life of wealth as a refugee. She also talks about her grandmother’s passion for meditation, her sense of humour, and how her stories and perspectives slowly layered to form Mamta’s spiritual insight. “It’s about that detachment and understanding that beyond what’s happening and your reactivity to life, there’s a real opportunity to play and leverage.”
  • Tools for squashing anxiety: At [46:27], Mamta provides a range of practical tools for reducing anxiety and bringing the body back to a state of peace. This includes ‘slowing your mental video tape’ by being more present in the moment and aware of each element of your surroundings; using affirmations such as ‘this too shall pass’; taking ten deep breaths (learn more about Box Breathing) while thinking the words ‘I am relaxed’, and grounding yourself through visualisation. “Anxiety goes when it is turned into action.”

Top quotes

[30:31] “I think the more enlightened approach right now is the approach that wins.”

[36:48] “Mindfulness prevents burnout because you are able to pick up on the red flags that your body and mind is subtly giving you along the way.”

[44:44] “The ego can wreak havoc and can create a prison in the mind when the mind is really a garden.”


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