S5 Ep 16: The greatest and best podcast of all time – TRIBUTE

Merrick Watts

This week on the WarriorU Podcast Bram Connolly talks to comedian, radio host, media consultant and all around not a bad bloke Merrick Watts. There wouldn’t be too many Australians out there who haven’t heard of Merrick. He was under constant radio contract for over twenty years, prolific on TV comedy shows, frequented comedy festivals all over Australia and was selfless in visiting Australian troops in the Middle East.

When not the hardest worker in any room, Merrick is a wine connoisseur, a military history buff and makes an amazing potato gnocchi, as well as being a great dad and a husband.

This episode is the greatest and best podcast episode – TRIBUTE.

Merrick unlocks two decades of radio industry experience to help refine Bram’s podcast and add value to the audience. They discuss the modern parameters for entertainment that has changed the way people can reach their tribes.

There’s something in this episode for everyone; from, fast movers providing an enemy with a show of force down Afghan Valleys, the legitimate social media lessons being shown by Brown Cardigan, being owned on the mats by a previous American College wrestling champion, as being choked out by Paul Cale in the Sergeants Mess of 2nd Commando Regiment.

This one is so good.


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