S3 Ep 10: Leadership

Jocko Willink

On this episode of the WarriorU Podcast, I talk to Jocko Willink. I couldn’t think of anyone better to mark the 50th Episode.

Jocko is a retired United States Navy Seal Commander. He is now the Co-Owner, along with Leif Babin, of the consultancy company Echelon Front and the creator of his own Podcast too. As if that wasn’t enough; Jocko is the owner of Victory MMA & Fitness in San Diego and author of the books Extreme Ownership, Discipline Equals Freedom and the Dichotomy of Leadership, as well as the children’s series “Way of the Warrior Kid”.

Oh, and of course a BJJ Black Belt.

Bram and Jocko discuss leadership lessons, leadership in combat, personal and team resilience, surfing, BJJ, women in combat roles and the upcoming Echelon Front MUSTER in Sydney this December 2019.

Jocko is a natural leader and he’s also learned a lot about leadership while in combat, and in the years that followed consulting to the private sector.

This is a must-listen for anyone who aspires to become a better leader.


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