S3 Ep 05: Commando, Firefighter and YouTube Star

Jeff Micklem

This week on the WarriorU podcast Bram talks to Jeff Micklem. Jeff is one of the first modern qualified commandos from back in the late 1990s.

He’s now a NSW Firefighter and he has his own YouTube channel and IG account of the same name @homebuiltbyjeff where he posts videos of himself restoring cars.

One of his videos, a 4-minute montage of him working on his Gulf Orange 1974 Porsche 911 had more than half a million views. Jeff describes himself as an average guy who builds his dream car in his garage. Go and check out his video on YouTube and you’ll see that actually,  Jeff is anything but average. For me, he embodies the very values and culture of the Commando Regiment. He sees a problem, visualises a mission, up-skills himself to be successful and continues to fight through setbacks and failure.


You're the mission.

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