S3 Ep 03: CrossFit Athlete

Kari Pearce

This week on the WarriorU podcast, Bram talks to CrossFit Athlete Kari Pearce.

Kari is a Halo Neuro Sport ambassador and she discusses training with the Halo product and how she prepares for the CrossFit open and the CrossFit Games. Kari finished 6th last year in the games and this year during the CrossFit open she placed 9th overall, earning herself another spot in the CrossFit games again this year. That’s five years in a row.

Kari has a solid gymnastics background winning ten national titles. Solid is probably an understatement, she dominated. When she discovered CrossFit she went from her first training session to competing in the CrossFit games in only one year – think about that for a moment. I think you’ll agree that she knows what it takes to be a winner at this level. 


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