S3 Ep 01: Swiss 8

Adrian Sutter

This week on the WarriorU Podcast; Bram talks to Adrian Sutter, the founder of an amazing wellness application called Swiss 8.

In 2011, Adrian was given the news that his older sister had terminal cancer. He was an infantry section commander at the time and had a promising career ahead of him; but, as his sister’s health deteriorated his family needed him, so he chose to put his career on hold. He was a combat veteran, having been deployed to Timor and Afghanistan, but when he left the ADF he suddenly found himself without that support network, the institution that had looked after him for so long was now missing in action. After his sister passed away Adrian lived through some of his own darkest of days and along the journey realised that others were having the same issues with separation from the ADF and they needed his help. He had a new mission.

Adrian has since developed Swiss 8, an application to provide structure and meaning back into the lives of those that have left the ADF.

Swiss 8 focuses on the 8 Core Principles of fitness, nutrition, mindfulness, sleep, minimalism, time management, personal growth and discipline. These have all been proven to reduce anxiety and increase a person’s positive outlook in their own respective studies. Swiss 8 combines all of these principles into a holistic model nesting them into a dedicated application. The application teaches the user how to weave these principles into their daily routine, giving them structure, balance and meaning so that they can keep their lives on track.

Such a great initiative.


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