S2 Ep 20: Mental Toughness

Bradley Cooper

This week on the WarriorU Podcast, Bram talks to Brad Cooper, the CEO of US Corporate Wellness and Co-Founder of the Catalyst Coaching Institute.

Brad is doing a PhD studying Mental Toughness; he’s a legitimate age-group triathlete having completed KONA 5 times, and with his racing partner Jerry Schemmel, won the bike race across America (over 3000 miles).

Bram and Brad discuss the pillars of mental toughness and how resilience is just the starting point. They investigate how mental toughness can be developed and activated.

This episode is for anyone who wants to be tougher. If you’re an athlete, a mum or dad, an elite operator or striving to become one – don’t miss this episode on mental toughness. 


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