S2 Ep 19: A Dynamiq Life

Anthony Moorhouse

This week on the WarriorU Podcast, Bram talks to Anthony Moorhouse. Anthony was one of the first Commando Officers to Serve in the then newly formed Tactical Assault Group, raised after the events of September 11, 2001 (TAG – East). After his service as the Land Platoon Commander, he discharged from the Army and went on to build a highly successful Emergency Management Company, Dynamiq.

In his own words:

  • “Nothing excites me more than a blank piece of paper”.
  • “Life isn’t a set of boxes to tick, school, university, family pre-ordained by some teacher, parent or higher being; life is there for us to create, however, we want to create it.
  • “It’s on me, from the second I get out of bed in the morning, to determine how much impact I have in the day”….
  • “Make money, while doing good, while having fun doing it.” The triple crown.

Don’t miss this episode, as Anthony reminds us of how it’s important to keep our goals in perspective and to chase them with intent.


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