S2 Ep 11: Body Fat Special

Cyrus Rustom

In this episode of the WarriorU Podcast Bram talks to his old mate Cyrus Rustom.

Cyrus developed a love for fitness as a British, Royal Marine Commando. After a tour of Afghanistan, he left the Royal Navy and spent a few years training as a Muay Thai fighter in Thailand. Cyrus moved to Dubai and opened Crossfit Sands, he has run legendary fat loss camps and is the personal trainer to the Dubai Royal Family. Cyrus’ passion is managing body composition, and in particular, helping men to reduce their body fat to below 10% and teaching them habits to keep the fat off.

This episode only touches the surface of Cyrus’ knowledge of training and nutrition. He is highly motivated and believes that education and accountability, as well as consistency, are the secrets to successfully maintaining your body weight below 10%.

If it sounds impossible – well, he measured me again and I’m sitting on 18%. My challenge is to be under 10% by November next year. Listen to the podcast and follow my journey.


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