S2 Ep 09: Trust the Process

Andre Obradovic

In this episode of WarriorU, Bram shares the mic with Andre Obradovic; Former Solider and Officer, Ex Corporate Executive, Global Health Coach, Triathlete, Marathoner and Speaker.

Andre has worn three suits in his lifetime: The Uniform of the Army, The Uniform of the Corporate World, and now the Uniform of the Triathlete and coach.

After his time enlisted, Andre worked in the corporate world for a few companies; eventually leading to a moment of chronic burnout significant health issues both mental and physical. Luckily he has been able to regain his health to a level most people would dream of let alone a 53-year-old.

Enjoy this episode as the two discuss training methods and optimal nutrition for performing well during triathlons.

Andre is a highly engaging personal trainer, triathlon coach, and high-level performer in the 50+ ranks at 70.3 triathlon—ranked 10th in the Ironman All World Athlete rankings for Australia in 2017, the most competitive triathlon environment on the planet.  Andre’s remarkable story of transitioning from a “little fatty carb burner, sucking up food like a pool sweep machine” back in 2011 to a lean, mean, fat burning beast will inspire you to trust the process and be the best you can be. Basically, Andre cut processed carbs, slowed down his training pace, threw in some mobility/flexibility and power training, and started getting healthier and faster. He went from needing an energy gel to complete a 10k run, to improve his marathon time by 17 minutes despite being 7 years older.  Now he is so committed to the primal approach that he refuses to train a prospective client in his gym until they agree to transition from a SAD diet (Standard Australian to a nutritious, primal-style diet.



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