S2 Ep 08: Voodoo Medics

Kristin Shorten

In this episode of WarriorU, Bram talks to Kristin Shorten. She’s a journalist, mum and wife – and also just happens to be the creator of an uplifting new documentary about trauma, resilience and post-traumatic growth in the medics who served with our special forces in Afghanistan.

Voodoo Medics unpacks the most defining experiences of six medics – affectionately referred to by their call sign ‘Kilo’ – who served inside Australia’s Special Operations Command over the last 15 years.

These highly experienced and decorated medics served on the frontline of the frontline, fighting some of the most traumatic and intense battles – to save their mates’ lives – in the desert and dusty field hospitals of Afghanistan.

And now this elite group of specialist medical veterans – known as Voodoo Medics – are being acknowledged for their largely unseen but life-saving contribution to the war on terror.

In this revealing and raw documentary, these sworn healers who worked alongside Australia’s most elite fighters share their mental health battles, survivors guilt and the contradictions of their complex roles.

These Kilos were expected to patch up their mates, friendlies and even the enemy, plus fight when required.

From losing mates in the battlefield to treating horrifically injured Afghan kids in remote surgical theatres – their inspiring story is one of devastating loss and incredible triumph over trauma.

This eight-part documentary from The Daily Telegraph explores how these young men prepared for what they would face in combat, responded to it on the day and ultimately – even if not immediately – became better for it.

It also reveals the confronting reality of being the medical element on the ground “with mates dying in front of you”.

Voodoo Medics is available online now at


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