S2 Ep 07: Bad Tourist

Pete O’Hanlon

In this episode of The WarriorU Podcast Bram talks to Pete O’Hanlon, also known as Bad Tourist.

Now spending his time pursuing an acting career, he joined the Australian military in July 1997 at the age of 19. Shortly after in 1999, he was sent on his first deployment as a gunner with INTERFET in East Timor. Pete was promoted several times throughout his military career before leaving the force in 2009. Pete discusses how his time in the military, and especially his departure from it, drastically changed him as a person. He felt that he no longer had anything to identify with once he was no longer in service, and the events that happened in Pete’s life after discharge made things worse. After successfully running the Dog Squad team to a championship, he was released from his position. At the same time, he was regularly arguing with his wife which lead to a divorce. This was Pete’s rock bottom.

Pete shares information about the change in mindset he had that allowed him to turn his life around into what it is today. He tells us how he was able to get his first acting job and comments on the state of the entertainment industry in Australia. Pete also gives advice to anyone who is considering a  career with the military.


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