S2 Ep 06: The Seventh Circle

Rob Langdon

In this episode of WarriorU, Bram Connolly speaks to long-time friend Rob Langdon. They served together in the 1st Battalion in the early 1990s and stayed in touch in the years that followed. Rob served for almost fifteen years in the Army, before becoming a security contractor working in Iraq and Afghanistan. In July 2009 Rob was protecting a convoy when he shot and killed an Afghan guard during a heated argument after the guard drew a pistol on him. Rob’s claim of self-defence was dismissed by a court in Kabul that refused to hear any of his evidence or call any of his witnesses, and he was sentenced to death in a matter of minutes.

Rob’s death sentence was later changed to 20 years in jail, to be served in Afghanistan’s most notorious prison, Pol-e-Charkhi, described as the world’s worst place to be a Westerner. Rob was there for seven years, and every one of those two thousand five hundred days was an act of survival in a jail run from the inside by the Taliban and filled with some of Afghanistan’s most dangerous extremists and criminals.

In 2016 Rob was pardoned and released. He has recently released his tell-all book The Seventh Circle detailing his extraordinary account of what it took to stay alive and sane in almost unimaginable circumstances.


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