S2 Ep 04: The Survivor

Tara Pitt

In this episode of WarriorU Bram talks to the one and only Tara Pitt.

Tara entered Australian Survivor (2017) for deeply personal reasons and eventually, after 55 days in the wilderness, she became the much-loved runner-up on the show. She learnt much about herself in the process and in particular, she used the time to reflect on the passing of her father.

But, and I mean but…. don’t think it was all about reflection and finding herself, she was there to play the game too and play the game she did. Her competition style was social and when it came to the crunch she was able to execute the big moves with the rest of the players. Now a public speaker, broadcaster and Master of Ceremonies – Tara talks about lots of other things going on in her life such as her passion for barrel racing and Ringers Western clothing.


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