S2 Ep 01: How to create a podcast

Podcast Rocket

In this bonus episode of WarriorU, we go behind the scenes with Mike Partee of Podcast  Rocket. Mike and his team have been involved in editing the WarriorU Podcast for about a year and helps demystify the process to starting your own podcast. Enjoy this episode as both explore starter’s equipment, software, creativity, and the mindset behind creating a  blockbuster podcast.


[1:18] What is the “Why”

 behind the WarriorU Podcast and Podcast Rocket?

[8:00] The importance of having a good room to record a podcast

[12:20]  What sort of equipment or software should you get to start a podcast?

[18:25]  How do you get your podcast on iTunes?

[22:34]  How  to  set yourself  up  for success  in  Podcasting

[26:31]  What’s the breakdown of  Lewis Howe’s podcast revenue?

[28:50]  How you can use your podcast as a tool to cultivate your company’s culture.

[30:02] What are the biggest mistakes of someone starting out in podcasting?

[34:04]  Closing  Remarks


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