S1 Ep 16: Fit Dad Lifestyle

Leroy Faure

In this episode of WarriorU, Bram gets the chance to speak with Leroy Faure; Military Veteran and founder of the Fit Dad Lifestyle brand. After leaving the service due to injuries, Leroy set off to start his own business and brand — revolving around helping busy dads get in shape, as well as helping dads sustain their health.

[1:55] Why did Leroy join the service?
[18:05] How did Leroy start this business?
[34:21] What does Bram’s typical day look like?
[40:56] Leroy & Bram’s favourite workout music


“Have something behind you, so that you know if your combat career is over, you’ll have something you can do after getting out of the service.”

“I want these dads to achieve goals they didn’t know were possible — to not look back in 20 years and have regret about their health.”

“I think consistent workouts are one thing that can break the mold for these fathers that think life is over.”


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