S1 Ep 15: The Cognitive Basis of Resilience

Dr Lies Notebaert

In this episode of WarriorU, Bram gets to chat with Lies Notebaert;

Senior Lecturer at the University of Western Australia, School of Psychology.

Her focus of research is forming a framework for resilience: Defining resilience, what makes someone resilient, and how to improve an individual’s resilience. This episode covers a myriad of topics under the resilience but comes down to helping individuals become more adaptive in situations by regulating their emotions.


[2:29] Is resilience genetic?

[8:13] What are the bushfire experiments?

[15:16] What is the difference between mental toughness & resilience?

[26:50] Can you train the subconscious to be more resilient?

[41:56] Practical techniques to build resilience.


“On Combat” by Dave Grossman


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