S1 Ep 14: The Strong Life Project

Shaun O’Gorman

In this episode of WarriorU, Bram gets the chance to talk with Shaun O’Gorman, former Police Officer and Founder of the Strong Life Project. Shaun’s career in the police force started as a fairly young guy, and lasted 13 years. The amount of horror and violence Shaun experienced as an officer had a lasting impression on him, and culminated with him locked in a room, with a Glock pistol in hand, trying to find a reason not to end his own life.

Since the end of his police career, Shaun has gone on to create an incredible resource to help others in a similar situation: the Strong Life Project — Aimed to help individuals confront their demons, and lead a healthy, emotionally vibrant life.

[5:56] Why did Shaun enjoy the Police Force?
[14”07] What clinical psychiatrists specifically do to cure PTSD
[41:53] Is the Police Force still a good option for a young man’s career?
[44:16] The Importance of having an exit strategy for the Police and Military

“Don’t let one day in your life define you forever.”
“We’ve become a vanilla society, and definitely have lost the essence of The Strong Man.”
“The Mind is the most untapped resource on earth.”
“My focus in life is be the best version of yourself possible.”


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