S1 Ep 13: Instagram Q&A

Reece Dewar OAM

In this episode of WarriorU, Bram invites long-time colleague Reece Dewar OAM to help answer various questions related to Combat, Training, and Military Selection. Reece happened to be Bram’s Platoon Sergeant, followed by several years of service in various combat situations.

Needless to say, Bram & Reeces’ career history has overlapped substantially, allowing both to weigh in on every question in significant detail.

Enjoy this episode as both dive into answering your questions!

[11:39] Do you need to complete year 12 in order to become an officer?
[18:14] What are good ways to tone up before joining the military?
[25:47] What is one thing Bram wished he prepared for before Selection?
[28:13] Top tips for Selection preparation.
[39:28] Current Events — Thai Cave Rescue.
[45:01] Reece & Bram discuss American gun culture.


“How do you get tougher? Just get tougher.”

“Don’t worry about being fit. Train to be tough.”

“It’s the things you’re not ready for [in selection] that make it worthwhile.”

“If you want to move up, don’t give yourself a cushy reason to come back to your old unit.”


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