S6 Ep 13: 2020

Leadership In Hindsight

This week on The WarriorU Podcast Bram and Trent look back over 2020 – the year that was and discuss their observations and insights after assisting a number of high profile clients develop their current and emerging leaders in the operating environment of a pandemic.

They discuss key observations from the conduct of their Hindsight Leadership and Resilience courses. Business agility, both the client’s and Hindsight’s ability to “pivot” in order to function more effectively in the developing Covid-19 situation. The importance of outcome over output and the realisation that leaders needed to be more committed in order to lead their teams remotely.

They also go into detail about getting the balance of communication right, as well as the importance of empathy and understanding what’s in your team’s “invisible backpack”. Bram and Trent finish by discussing their observations around the importance of leading through personal and organisational values.


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