S1 Ep 12: Brothershave

Anthony White

In this episode of WarriorU, Bram gets the chance to chat to Anthony White;
Veteran and proud Owner & Founder of Brothershave.

Disgruntled with the current methods for procuring funds for Veteran care programs, Anthony created a business model that helps solve the funding issue in an unconventional way; by selling shaving gear on a subscription basis and donating a portion of the funds to Veteran’s programs.


[1:38] How does Anthony’s entrepreneurial journey begin?
[4:04] How was Brothershave started?
[8:39] Bram & Anthony discuss Mental Fitness
[12:40] Bram’s theory for Resillience. Is it genetic?
[15:58] Anthony dives into the stresses of early combat
[27:46] Does Anthony have any regrets after leaving the military?
[30:23] Anthony’s reveals his next entrepreneurial project


“There are a lot of options out there to support veterans, but there’s a lot of bureaucracy. Someone who’s dealing with the mental health issues they’re facing makes it incredibly stressful.”

“What’s normal to a spider is chaos to a fly.”

“It takes a warrior to raise a warrior.”

“Sometimes in a teenager’s mind, their values aren’t fully developed. But going into the military, having people bigger and badder than me, forcing values down my throat helped me become a better man.”

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