S1 Ep 11: Olympic Rower

Sam Loch

In this episode of WarriorU, Bram gets the chance to chat with Olympic Rower and World Record holder Sam Loch. Over Sam’s athletic career, he has set and broken multiple records for indoor rowing on the Concept 2 Rowing Machine — Including fastest 500 Meter Row. They chat about mental toughness, training techniques, training philosophy, motivation, and much more.


“If you run out of mentors, you run out of development.”

“Champions are made when no one is watching.”

“Heat Tolerance Training is a useful tool, but you’ve got to be careful.”

“The more training you do, It doesn’t get easier. But you do get better. You build a tolerance.”

“I hope for shitty conditions because if you’ve got shit conditions and you’re okay with it and your opposition isn’t — That’s a competitive advantage.”


[9:27] What are the two biggest lessons Bram learned after leaving the military?
[20:40] What is the ideal muscle mass and weight needed for better rowing?
[45:35] How do you develop mental toughness for competition?
[48:26] The power of the subconscious, and how to better endure
[50:42] How to embrace poor conditions


Sam’s Website
Sam’s Podcast (The Watt Farm)


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