S5 Ep 07: The two main elements of great leadership

Beau Robinson

This week on the WarriorU Podcast, Bram talks to Beau Robinson. Beau’s rugby career highlight was representing Australia as a Wallaby, but it was the roller coaster of the years prior that makes for the real story.

Beau has faced more adversity and personal trauma than most people, losing his little brother to a really tragic accident in the UK at a time where Beau was still trying to understand his own place in the world of elite sport. This event was the trigger for Beau to reflect and exercise emotional control and develop introspection to come out the other end of it all on top, as a person and an athlete.

During the podcast, Beau and Bram talk about the importance of honesty and accountability as a leader. They discuss Ewen McKenzie who had a profound impact on Beau as a young man. They talk about secret training when no one is watching, no-fail missions, setting yourself up for the future at the very start of your journey and the difficulties that come with cross-cultural communication. Beau is now a business coach and podcast host himself. This one is so good!


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