S4 Ep 20: Laziness becomes a habit

Bram Connolly

In this episode of the WarriorU Podcast, in the strange no mans land between Christmas and New Years eve, Bram Connolly reads a chapter of his upcoming leadership book, “Mission Focus” to be released by Allen & Unwin in the second half of 2020.

Laziness becomes a habit is a chapter that seeks to demonstrate that laziness can be a vicious circle and usually results in taking the easy wrong over the hard right.

What better place to learn the negative impacts of laziness than the jungle or arctic training environment?

Taking the easy option time after time will eventually come around and bite you on the arse. Human nature tries to influence us to save time and effort in the first instance and ignore the possible benefits or potential negative impacts of not doing a job well, or taking the lazy option. Getting away with a lazy option more than once makes you think you can do it again and again. Over time this will become a habit; but you can’t let that happen!

WarriorU is here to remind you that “YOU are your most important mission”.


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