S4 Ep 19: The Learning Leader

Ryan Hawk

This week on The WarriorU Podcast, Bram talks to Ryan Hawk the host of the hugely successful American podcast The Learning Leader Show.

Ryan was a professional quarterback in American Football and a VP of sales for a multibillion-dollar company. He’s now a keynote speaker, an author and the head of Brixey and Meyer’s leadership advisory practice.

This episode is “so good”. It’s really important to understand the genesis of Ryan’s show. He was poised to do a PhD in leadership, but instead he decided to research people that he wanted to learn from. He started to record these in a podcast format.

During this “research” he has discovered a theme of the consistent high performer:

1 – They are very intentional with the people they surround themselves with.

2 – High performers are very thoughtful about their futures and how to get there.

3 – They are really clear about how their actions will take them to there.

Ryan’s podcast has created a network of positivity. His mission is bold “to rid the world of bad leaders” and he has a beautiful definition of leadership too:

Leadership is seeing more in someone else than they see in themselves and then helping them to reach their full potential. Leaders create influence through this process

Bram and Ryan talk about leadership, resilience, mental toughness, American Football, commitment versus compliance and Ryan’s journey of leadership discovery.


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