S4 Ep 17: Special Operations

Anthony Plater

This week Bram Connolly talks to retired Special Forces Warrant Officer, Anthony Plater. Bram and Anthony served together in the 1st Battalion, The Royal Australian Regiment, the 4th Battalion (Commando), the 2nd Commando Regiment and the Special Operations Head Quarters.

During the years they served on operations together including Somalia and Timor, they also recount stories from more recent operations in Afghanistan. Anthony is now a Crossfit Coach located in Canberra and an advocate for Veteran health and well being. This conversation, just like their careers, is littered with the highest of highs and the lowest of lows. They recount the characters throughout their careers that had the biggest impacts and influence on them personally and they talk about how Anthony dealt with the effects of PTSD; as a warrior walks one more time into the breach.

A note from Bram Connolly: This episode is a timely reminder that a career in the Australian Defence Force is temporary and that the most important factor for mental fitness is the strong relationships that we build and maintain. Remember, not everyone is affected the same way in the same circumstance. During this episode, we used a sound effect to protect the names of those still serving, or those that may wish to remain below the detection threshold. We have omitted anything that is not available through public discourse or on the internet. Listen to the end for a shout out to the fine soldiers of the 1st Battalion, The Royal Australian Regiment – The Big Blue One – our first operational deployment in 1993 will always remain the most special of memories.


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