S4 Ep 14: Wellness for Humans

Coach Joe DiStefano

This week Bram’s conversation is with Coach Joe DiStefano. For eight years Joe was the Head of Sport and Training at Spartan Race. Joe is now the Founder of RUNGA, which is an experiential lifestyle brand. Joe helps to empower individuals through effective and sustainable practices that fuel health, wellness and performance. His teachings focus on reinforcing mindset shifts that give people the courage and the tools to align their actions with their objectives.

This conversation is HUMAN OPTIMISATION 101.

They discuss

  • Training as a circuit breaker for PTSD.
  • Understanding the primary drivers for why we are exercising.
  • Searching and aligning with our life’s purpose.
  • Snowball effects of learning better habits:
    • like drinking more water;
    • consuming no sugar; and
    • not eating fried foods.
  • They discuss the power of learning meditation and self-care.
  • AND…they also talk about making workouts fun, cold water therapy and Joe’s mate, Ben Greenfield – Ben is a personal hero of Bram’s and the actual reason he started this podcast


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