S4 Ep 13: Warrior Philosophy

E.M. Burlingame

This week on the WarriorU Podcast I talk to EM Burlingame.

EM is a fascinating guy; he has trained as a Zen Buddhist, he’s an electrical engineer, has a degree in Strategic Studies and is currently completing a PhD in Computational Science and engineering.

Now consider this….after 911, he rejoined the US Military at 42 years old and did all the courses to qualify as a USSF Green Beret. At forty two!!!! He is now the founder and the CEO of BioCourt which is a traumatic brain care whole of health initiative, and he was a Co-founder previously of a startup called Sanopic – which we will talk a little about in the episode.

This is primarily a Warrior Philosopher conversation.

We discuss international relations, the possibility that we are in World War 3, Clausewitz and also the ancient Greek philosophers.

Some of the main topics:

The human condition and war.
– Political correctness leading to war as a hard reset back to civility.
– Brain injuries and how that affects strategic decision making.
– PTSD and the difference between that and natural combat wear and tear.
– Oestrogen versus testosterone, or –  is it in fact really Alpha versus Beta.


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