S4 Ep 12: Ironman

Pete Jacobs

This week on the WarriorU Podcast Bram talks to professional triathlete, Pete Jacobs.

Pete is a previous winner of the Iron Man World Championship race in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii winning the event in 2012. This is made all the more remarkable when you hear that he is not only self-coached, but that Pete also lives with a type of chronic fatigue.

Bram and Pete discuss low carbohydrate diets, shifting from low carb to the keto diet and then onto the even more extreme carnivore diet. They also discuss learned patterns and how these effect an athlete’s choices; and in addition to all of this, Pete shares his understanding on what it takes to build mental toughness.

Pete isn’t out there in the wilderness with his views on low carb racing either. As a professional triathlete and 2012 World Champion he has access to many and varied brilliant people within the sport and nutrition communities, Dr Tim Noakes and Dr Phil Maffetone; as examples.

Hey gang, this is a great episode if you’re interested in why some foods make you feel the way they do and if you would like to start a journey of dietary self discovery. Warning though – I’m still confused as to my own personal relationship with food. Bram Connolly.


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