S4 Ep 08: The Man That Can

Lachlan Stuart

This week on the WarriorU Podcast Bram Connolly talks to Lachlan Stuart. The man that can. Where to start with Lachie – he’d hate me to call him a life coach, and yet he’s instrumental in so many people making positive changes in their lives from his guidance. He’s been a legit A grade athlete, playing Rugby in France and then turned to drugs in a bid to escape depression before having a life-changing moment, being called out for the life track he was on – a forced epiphany, I suppose you’d call it and now he’s sorted himself out. He had to find vulnerability to he is once again a formidable athlete and a top-level performance coach. His journey is inspiring, and his podcast and Instagram are motivating countless people. At WarriorU we want you to see yourself as the mission and Lachie is a guy that helps people do just that.


You're the mission.

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