S4 Ep 07: The Motion Mechanic

Trang Ngyun

This week, Bram Connolly talks to Trang Ngyun who is also known as The Motion Mechanic. They discuss physiotherapy, Trang’s specialisation, and how it directly relates to The WarriorU focus on human optimisation.

Trang’s primary goal for others is high-level athletic development through training and injury management and she utilises her unique skillsets to focus on advanced mindset coaching for the development of both high-achieving athletes and high-achieving human beings. As a triathlete and former soldier, Bram is also in the perfect position to comment on the benefits of physiotherapy and how to apply its lessons to his own fitness journey.


16:06 to 16:20

“At the end of the day, one of the other principles of training is also individuality. So different individuals, different athletes, actually respond better to different forms of training or different types of training.”

19:14 to 19:36

“Using oxygen is the most efficient system because it is a system that lasts the longest. If you want to be out there for a 12 hour Iron Man or even four hour marathon, even a half marathon, that might be more like two hours, you want to be able to use your aerobic system efficiently.”

22:31 to 22:49

“Whether it’s your running, your cycling, your swimming, or even in the gym, if you’re going too hard every single session, then in the short term you’re impeding on subsequent sessions later in that week because you’ve gone too hard so your body is a little bit fatigued, it still in recovery mode and then that will impede on your other sessions of the week.”

37:09 to 37:27

“If someone’s getting injured a lot, then take a look at their sleep because when you’re sleeping is when your growth hormone is produced and when its released and that’s when your recovery and adaptation occurs. So if you’ve had a hard gym session, then that night is when your muscles are getting repaired and they’re actually adapting to get bigger, get stronger.”

53:59 to 54:11

“Your muscles might be really strong to do days and weeks of cycling but if your tendons can’t keep up, then that’s also going to be a recipe for potential injuries.”


04:44 The Motion Mechanic: What is Specificity?

14:42 Fitness and technique: Staying efficient

19:15 Using oxygen as a fuel source for strength and conditioning

30:14 Calculating work load and tracking sleep

41:18 Common myths debunked





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