S4 Ep 06: Entrepreneur

Phil Hayes-St Clair

This week Bram talks to serial entrepreneur Phil Hayes-St Clair, CEO & Co-Founder at Drop Bio, a platform that uses systems biology, machine learning, and predictive information from finger-prick blood to better manage health and reduce disease risk. Bram and Phil have been influential in each others’ careers, especially with Phil’s initiative called Be in Motion. The project lets people send unexpected encouragement to others who have it tough, and also those who are doing great work. Bram is one of Be in Motion’s ambassadors.

Together they discuss the many different facets of entrepreneurship, including childhood experiences that molded their mindsets to modernizing concepts taught at business schools to navigating around the gig economy of today. The pair also tackle practical issues that affect entrepreneurs in both positive and negative ways, such as inspiration, mentorship, and scaling businesses.


15:08 to 15:20

“I just figure, mate, that we’re on the planet for a really, really small amount of time. Like if you look in the context of history, we’re here for like a nanosecond. And the question is, how are you going to look back on your last breath?”

19:19 to 19:31

“It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in or what your hobbies are, the people that you want to probably surround yourself with are the people that just have a penchant to learn really quickly on whatever their subject matter is–and you want to rest on those people so they can teach you stuff too.”

21:19 to 21:37

“I prefer to think about people who are entrepreneurs, as it were, as founders of businesses and founders of movements. They’re the epicenter of where startups start and anyone can be that because the tool set that you need to make that work is, for the most part, free or the marginal cost is zero. And it’s just up to you to want to make it happen.”

35:22 to 35:50

“The people who have decided that they are going to use their entrepreneurship programs or their two years or sixteen months or year at business school out of the workforce to build a venture that could end up creating massive value across the board but not for another ten years, they have to put zero in that post MBA box. And as a consequence, that zero ends up saying, well, that school is not producing the right style of person.”

40:34 to 40:51

“Don’t spend much to understand it. People spend money to create a solution. You don’t have to spend money to learn about problem. The second thing is this, just become an absolute ninja at trying to work out where the incentives lie. As soon as you know that, that’s what the predictor of behavior is. And once you’ve got that, that makes things a whole lot easier.”


06:22 The end of military service and foraying into entrepreneurship

17:38 Entrepreneurship in the gig economy

25:12 Inspiring people with podcasting

34:39 Producing entrepreneurs: Schooling and mentorship

42:06 Scaling and listening to the market

49:11 Phil’s brand overviews: Drop Bio and Be in Motion



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