S4 Ep 05: Innerfight

Marcus Smith

This week I am talking to Marcus Smith…..although, after recording this podcast I’ve decided to rename him, Marcus Motivation Smith.

Marcus grew up his whole life living between Dubai and London and he’s well known around Dubai as the founder and owner of InnerFight – which is a 5 and a half thousand square foot gym in Dubai. I say Dubai but his business really does have global reach, with Marcus and the gang having recorded over 500 InnerFight podcasts and also training uncountable clients over the years on the premises and also online.

We talk about all sorts of stuff – how last year he completed thirty marathons in thirty days, nine months after being in intensive care from a cycling accident. We discuss his preparation, and the power of adaption and consistency. I asked Markus about mental toughness and how to develop it and by the end of the Podcast I really did feel like the WarriorU tribe and the Innerfight community are all heading in the right direction. I honestly think this podcast will change your life if you take away a few of the key points – the main one of which is Marcus’ theory on the daily non negotiables.

I hope you love this episode as much as I enjoyed recording it!


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