S4 Ep 04: Resilience

Joel Vanderzwan

This week Bram Connolly talks with Joel Vanderzwan. Joel is a Royal Australian Navy Veteran. After 4 years of service Joel’s world was changed forever after a decision to accelerate his super bike over a bridge resulting in a devastating crash. Joel was critically injured in the accident. Doctors told his parents he would be lucky to make it through the night. His injuries so severe he was put in an induced coma. Joel did make it through the night; just. As a result of the crash, Joel is now a T6 Complete paraplegic. Joel’s story is about survival, painful recovery and mental resilience. Through experiencing these horrendous injuries and the pain, and through the necessity of just having no other choice, Joel has learnt much about himself and others around him. Where the general population talks about goal setting to lose some weight or goal setting to prepare for some sporting event, Joel’s experience with goal setting is much more profound. He has had to live small incremental successes to just brush his teeth by himself or to butter his toast. Joel has seen the power that consistency can have on a person’s life – if you have any doubt about the power of consistent application on your will to win and your will to transform yourself then be in no doubt that joel is living, rolling proof that consistency breeds champions.

Warning– Joel doesn’t do anything by half measures, including describing the accident and the injuries he sustained. Listen to the podcast and then talk to your friends and your family about how one choice can impact everything and everyone forever.


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