S4 Ep 03: FEATS and socks

Taylor Offer

This week Bram Connolly talks to Taylor Offer. Imagine a millennial with ADHD (they’re his words not mine). He’s what Tim Ferris would describe as the NEW RICH. But Taylor’s story isn’t one of just chancing easily into entrepreneurial success. On the contrary, and as you would probably guess, Taylor worked hard to be where he is today with failures and life lessons along the way.

So many other people would have quit on this journey and settled for a 9 to 5 job. There’s a business partner too, Parker Burr, who was the driving force behind the idea of FEATS socks, the business that ensured that Taylor would line up in Forbes magazine as one of the their 30 under 30 when the business began making close to 10 Million in sales a year. On the other end of his success was a dark patch of depression. The good news is that Taylor identified the problem, disengaged from work and society and went to Thailand to escape and reconnect with the path that he should be on.

Taylor and I talked about resilience, identifying products to sell, scaling, social media marketing, the creation of funnels, the way to set up an on line e-commerce business; and we also chatted about leadership. He told me he wasn’t sure about what it was and how it all worked, but then during the hour-long conversation that we shared I could tell that Taylor knew more about leadership than most senior executives that I had met over the years…he took me on a journey. So much so that I signed up for his $300 online ecommerce course. I’m not being paid to say that, he’s an inspirational guy and truly a force for good. I hope you enjoy this conversation as much as I enjoyed recording it.


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