ADF Recruitment Tips

#1 Motivation

You need to be able to articulate the reasons why you want to serve in the Australian Defence Force right from the start of your journey. Perhaps your reasons are something like this:

  • I feel compelled to serve my nation.
  • I’m seeking a sense of adventure, and I want to challenge myself.
  • I come from a family where the military has been a big part of our lives.
  • It has always been a dream of mine since I saw soldiers once on an exercise.

#2 Planning

To start a journey, it’s always best to have a road map to follow. To build a road map to success; consider the following:

  • You must include a realistic timeline.
  • Have a physical training action plan and achievable goals.
  • Consider any education or age restrictions in the process.

#3 Capability

Defence Force Recruiting is concerned with capability. They want to recruit people who are easily trained, can tolerate stress and who show potential to have long careers. You can set yourself up to be one of these people, but it requires commitment.

  • If you’re still at school and if it offers a cadet program definitely get on it.
  • Think about doing volunteer work, Country Fire or State Emergency Service. Lifesaving is another great pursuit that demonstrates commitment.
  • Do some courses for personal development like first aid.

#4 Preparation

Prepare your application and get ready for all of your interviews and tests. 

  • Research a few jobs that you think you might like to do, making sure you meet the eligibility (age and education).
  • Prepare all your paperwork – MAKE SURE ITS ALL NEAT AND CORRECT.
  • Prepare for Your Opportunities Unlimited (YOU) Session It’s a good idea to do a few practice cognitive aptitude tests prior to going in on the day. 
  • The assessment day is like a final interview stage, psychological testing and medical testing. 
  • Be prepared for the fitness test – it’s the easiest test you will do in the military, but it does bring some people unstuck. The WarriorU program has a fitness component that is designed specifically for the ADF to help you prepare.  

#5 Mindset

Enlistment day – the journey has only just begun. This is the point where you are sworn in and depart for recruit training. Be warned, having the right mindset and attitude will make this a lot easier.


#6 Mentoring

Seek out a mentor. Knowledge dispels fear, so your best defence to the unknown is to have had a conversation with a mentor.

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